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Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle

Some of the top most popular toys on the market today are the Marvel superheroes. Since the release of the first Captain America movie the popularity of anything connected with Marvel has sky rocketed.

Then of course there was the release of the first Avengers movie. Now, some of the characters in that movie had been in movies that were solely about them but it was not until the Avengers movie that they became very popular, especially among the younger audience. One of the most loved characters by children was the Hulk. This large, green, bad tempered creature played a very big role in the Avengers and after that the Hulk became many child’s favorite character.

Keeping with the trend many companies have developed different Hulk figurines and products that are highly popular with children. One of these products is the Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle.

This is an excellhulk-smash-car-3ent toy that will bring hours of fun to any child. The remote included with this toy allows the child to do many different movements, such as flipping the vehicle, doing wheelies, spinning and smashing through objects. All of this would delight any child but there is more.

There is a pre-programmed spin on this toy called the tornado spin. Using the red button the child can make the Hulk spin around at an incredible speed for about 10 seconds. This Hulk toy also has arms that can be positioned for many different smashing positions, in fact there are 8 different positions the arms can be put in depending on what obstacle the child wants to go through. So when a child wants the Hulk to smash something all they have to do is drive towards the obstacle and the Hulk’s arms will do the rest.

Even if they happen to tip the Hulk over while demolishing obstacles they do not have to stop playing just to put him right side up again. No, this toy will actually right itself, using the Hulk’s arms, and they can keep right on going. Even if the toy runs into the wall it will simply flip around go in another direction.

hulk-smash-car-2Another great feature this toy has is the 10 Hulk phrases and the smashing sounds. Noises always please children so having all these sounds while they are smashing things can make things a lot more fun for many children.

The Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle takes 6 AA alkaline batteries to run the toy itself. For the remote you will need 2 AA alkaline batteries. The size of this product is 15 x 9 x 15 inches which is large enough to thrill the children but still small enough for them to handle.

This product is well made and weighs 4.8 pounds, which is not too much for a child to carry around. The price is reasonable for such a well made toy that offers so much. Children ages 4 and up will be thrilled to have such a feature packed Hulk toy to use in all their superhero adventures.




LEGO Scooby Doo Build Your Own Mystery Machine

The Lego Scooby Doo Build your own Mystery Machine is a great toy or collector item you can get for your kids or even for the adults who love Lego. The Lego being small is not recommended for children under the age of 3.

With the kit you get 301 pieces that will let you build a zombie tree, zombies, the mystery machine, Scooby, Fred, and Shaggy. You can buy this set or you can buy: The Mummy Museum Mystery Set, The Mystery Plane Adventures Set, The Haunted Lighthouse Set, and The Mystery Mansion Set. When you or your child sits down to build The Mystery Machine set it will take you some time and patience. You need to make sure you are in an area that you are comfortable in and can relax so that you can concentrate while you focus on the piece that need to go where they fit.

lego-scooby-doo-mystery-machine-2The Mummy Museum set is one that you should get if you are just starting out. It is the simpler product so that you can work your way up to the tougher ones. After you get all five of the products you can put them all together and add them to a cool display to show off your work. Some kids love to put them together and remember their childhood so they don’t forget as they get older. If you build them all you can build a display for the background so you and your friends can play out the mystery for each set you have built.

All of these sets are pretty cool if you are someone who gets into building and Lego. They are really cool if you help your kids with each one like a hobby of some sorts. Sitting down to put these sets together is a way to help kids learn patience and teach them that you have to work at things to get them done. Kids these days would rather sit at a computer or in front of a TV rather than go outside or do a project. Having your kids focus on something other than the internet will help them learn that there is still a world out there and it can be fun.

lego-scooby-doo-mystery-machine-3This Mystery Machine Set is really well put together and will stay if you make sure the pieces are in place. It is good quality and is very sturdy. From what ever one is saying that has bought it is one of the best to buy because you number one are not wasting money and two because it will keep you busy and it is fun to sit down with on a rainy day and just enjoy the mystery of putting it together.

If you are an adult that loves Scooby Doo or just loves the Lego sets then you should really do this for your younger kids and get them involved so they know that working at something will make them feel better about themselves and make them realize that not everything is easy, some things you have to work at to accomplish.




Interactive Remote Control R2D2

This Interactive Remote Control R2-D2 is one of the best Star Wars toys to hit the market as of yet. R2-D2 was one of the most popular characters in the old Star Wars movies and with the release of the next segment in the Star Wars saga the popularity of the characters has a totally new audience. A lot of these are children love for the characters to be real and with this interactive droid they can feel as if some of the story had really come to life.

The Interactive Remote Control R2-D2 has several preprogrammed commands that allows children to maneuver the toy around just like in the movies. Children can use the remote control to instantly commands to the toy. There are ten buttons on this toy that can be programmed for over 1,000 action combinations. The responses that are given by the robot are voice activated, so whatever command is given is what the toy will do.

The Interactive Remote Control R2-D2 can move in many different directions, such as backwards forwards and from side to side. Its head even moves in coordination with whatever actions and sounds it is performing, just like R2-D2 in the movie. One of the most memorable parts of the very first Star Wars movie was when R2-D2 was projecting Princess Leah’s image for Luke and Obi Wan to see. Well, this product can actually project her image on a wall, so all your young Jedis can hear her call for help.

This product is packed with great features that are sure to delight any child. The droid is 19×18.5×11.9 inches so it is not so big that children cannot handle it easily. It also will not knock everything in the house over during their play time.

r2d2-interactiveThe item weighs 9 pounds total, again not overly large. Recommended ages for this product is 4 and up, so any Star Wars fan no matter how old can enjoy this just as much as a child. As stated earlier there are a lot of advanced features packed into this product. That being said it does cost more than the regular toys offered in the Star Wars line. However, the product is well made, has a lot of great features and will add a lot of fun to any child’s adventures.

In order to run this product you will need 6 AA batteries for the robot alone and then you will need 2 more AA batteries for the remote. This item can be ordered online at a number of different retailers including the Amazon website. There are other Star Wars items being put out at later dates but for now I would definitely say that the Interactive Remote Control R2-D2 is the top of the line for Star Wars toys or, for the collector, memorabilia. Whatever the reason for your purchase everyone will enjoy bringing a true to the story R2-D2 into their home.



Funko POP Movies: Harry Potter Action Figure

The entire Harry Potter Funko POP Movies collection is my favorite Funko POP collection that I have purchased so far! These are the perfect toys for children and adults alike – although it may be more appropriate to say that these toys are also for adults who are still in touch with their inner child.

The collection is absolutely excellent at bringing the characters that I always envisioned in the books to life. The Harry Potter Action Figure is where every Funko POP collector needs to start – particularly if you are looking to own the entire Funko POP collection.

harry-potter-funko-pop-2Harry is the heart of the collection as he is the heart of the series. The Funko POP Harry Potter action figure is absolutely adorable, and I love every detail that they so carefully selected for his appearance. The hair, the glasses, the lightening scar, the robes – all of these details look absolutely the way I would have wanted them to look.

Although I have grown up and am a collector now, I would still have loved to own this action figure when I was a child and was absolutely in love with the Harry Potter series (of course, I am still in love with the series as an adult as well).

The only problem that I have with the product is that my niece and nephew always want to play with them when they come over because they are so colorful and appealing as toys as well as collector’s items – and although I have a hard time saying “no” to them normally, I have a hard time saying “yes” to letting them play with my Harry Potter Funko POP figure because I am so attached to my collection!

harry-potter-funko-popIn all seriousness, this is truly a great product. I could not recommend it more highly. Although I myself am a collector, I have friends who have purchased these as great additions for their kids’ birthday parties and as Christmas gifts for their kids as well, and the figure is always a big hit with the recipients.

I have also started buying my niece and nephew their own Harry Potter action figures – only in part so that they are distracted from playing with mine! They truly love the figure as much as I do, so I know that purchasing the item separately as well as part of a collection is a great option as well. The price is great and the product is one of my favorite on the market. I cannot speak more highly of the Harry Potter Funko POP action figure!




Hallmark itty bittys Limited Edition SUPERGIRL

I love surprising my twins from time to time with little toys to keep them entertained, but I have never before purchased one that has been such an instant success with them.

The Hallmark itty bittys Supergirl is beyond cute! My three year old twin girls absolutely love theirs – they each carry theirs around the house and absolutely refuse to leave the house without the dolls. They also insist on showing the dolls to anyone who will listen. The itty bitty Supergirl has quickly become their favorite toy.

itty-bitty-supergirl-3Originally, I had only bought one – ideally, for them to share – but they fought over it quite a lot and both loved the doll so much, that I decided I might as well buy one for each of them (I am really not sure that they can tell their dolls apart, but as long as they are both happy because they each have one in their arms, then I am happy too). The price is extremely reasonable as well, so it wasn’t an issue to buy a second one.

I had purchased them each a small toy as a fun surprise while we were out shopping one day, but the other toy that I purchased was quickly ignored by the girls as they both loved the Supergirl so much. Of course, I’m not privy to the inner workings of two three year old girls’ minds, so I have no idea why they favored this doll so much, but I am really pleased that they love their Supergirls as much as they do.

The fabric on the Supergirl is just so soft to the touch that I thought the girls would like the feel of it on their skin (I sure do!), and I like the idea that they would be playing with a woman who portrays power and ambition, rather than the typical sort of dolls that you tend to see advertised for young girls.

itty-bitty-supergirl-2Overall, I am really satisfied with this purchase for my girls. I think it portrays a positive message about femininity and girl power to them, and it is soft, cuddly, and adorable. I would be extremely interested in purchasing more stuffed toys from this collection since my girls have loved this one so much.

The itty bitty Supergirl is as the name suggests – quite small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I think it would make a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season. All in all, a great toy, and would highly recommend this stuffed animal to other families! I hope their children receive as much joy from the Hallmark itty bittys Supergirl as mine have.



Green Toys Mini Ferry Toy Boat

Have you been yearning to give your kid the ultimate playful bath tub excursion? Then worry no more because green toy provides you with a mini ferry toy boat that will make your child want to remain in the bath tub for hours feeling like a captain of the mini ferry.

This awesome toy is made in the USA more specifically California state using 100% recycled plastic milk jugs to reduce greenhouse gases emission and save energy. They are also made of high density polyethylene plastic material which is considered the most safe and clean plastic. Hence it has and will not pose any hazardous effect on your three year old kid as they play with them at the bath tub.

green-toys-ferry-2Some of the notable features that make this toy awesome include enough space on the deck that can accommodate a maximum of four mini vehicles. It also comes with two mini vehicles that are of different color. What is more is that it has a slide ramp that can also be used to load the mini vehicles on the bottom deck. Two small benches are also available on either side of the top open deck, and this toy has several windows on the upper deck that make it look like an actual ferry.

This is a toy you should consider purchasing since not only is it easy to assemble, it is ideal to be used in bath tab since it has no screws or bolts. Secondly, it is made of a buoyant material and thus it float well on water and hence it doesn’t need you to retrieve it now and then.

green-toys-ferry-3It is also of no danger to your young one since there are no sharp edges and comes with two mini vehicles that the child can play with apart from being on the dock of the mini ferry. This item does not easily break which in turn makes it more durable and the multi colors amuse the child and make their play time even more fun. Finally, it is also very cheap since it only cost less than $30 which is a little amount to sacrifice for the happiness of your young one.

In conclusion, if as a parent you are looking for a toy that will keep your kid busy as you complete that work project or the kitchen chores without the kid constantly disturbing you, then go for the green toy mini ferry toy boat. It is cheap and most importantly, it is made from the safest and cleanest plastic material that is safe for you kids. Also take caution on the depth of the water in which the kid is playing in at the bath tub.





Girl Scout Cookies Deluxe Oven

There’s nothing better than the wonderful flavor of girl scout cookies. While everyone has their favorite type of cookie, the best girl scout cookie is the one that can be made right at home. Children now have the opportunity to bake their own girl scout cookies by using the girl scout cookies deluxe oven.

I tried the girl scout cookies deluxe oven out with my daughter. This was her first time using a children’s oven. Here’s how we felt about it.


You can actually see the cookies as they’re baking. My daughter loved this. After mixing everything together to make some thin mints, she was ecstatic that she could view the cookies as they turned into an actual cookie. This made it easy for her to see what the end product was going to look like after she had put in all of the work of mixing ingredients.

girl_scout_cookies_oven-3The set-up is really easy. All that you have to do is plug it in, turn it on and add your batter. She’s 9 and was able to set it up without any problems on her own.

It comes with a cookie mix that’s easy to mix up. Ours was thin mint, my daughter’s favorite girl scout cookie, so having the mix added in there was a definite bonus. My daughter followed all of the instructions on her own and was able to make some delicious cookies.

The oven comes with all of the accessories that she needed. They were perfectly designed for her smaller hands. It comes with a spatula, baking pan, measuring tool and the mix. She felt like an actual baker using these accessories that fit perfect in her hands.

This oven actually bakes! We’ve used similar ovens in the past, but they normally just heat up whatever it is that you are trying to bake with a lightbulb. This oven actually gets hot enough to bake, up to 350 degrees. It also pre-heats like a regular oven in less than 5 minutes.


One thing that I noticed was that she had difficulty with the amount of water the ingredients told her to add. She had been mixing and kept noticing that it kept a powdery, or almost chunky, texture to the cookie. We ended up having to add more water to get the right consistency.

girl_scout_cookies_oven-2Another thing that came up was that she couldn’t use accessories from any other children’s oven. This particular oven can only use pans specifically designed for this oven, as the shape and size of the oven is a bit different than her older oven. I would’ve liked to have gotten more use out of the other pans and accessories, but this oven came with enough of its own that it wasn’t that big of a deal.


My daughter’s new favorite thing to do is bake girl scout cookies! When she gets home from school the first place she goes it to her little kitchen set up. All-in-all this is a fantastic little oven and I would recommend it to anybody whose child wants to learn how to bake but isn’t big enough to safely navigate an actual oven.





Disney Descendants Villain Mal, Daughter of Maleficent

If you are searching for the ideal gift for a young girl, why not consider the Disney Descendants Villain Mal, Daughter of Maleficent? She’s cute, stylish, and always full of surprises. Included with the doll are several accessories and a locket containing a sticker for the child to wear.

Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, is as beautiful and mysterious as her mother. Your child will love Mal’s irresistible charm. Pair her up with the other Disney Descendants for even more fun. There’s Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen; Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil; Ben Auradon, son of Belle and King Beast (and Mal’s love interest); and Jay Isle, son of Jafar. The Disney collection of new heroes and villains is rapidly growing as more dolls continue to be added. Your child will adore Mal and all of her delightful friends.

Hidden Surprises

Mal Isle of the Lost comes with many surprises. Not only is themal-2re a locket containing a sticker for the child to wear, but also hidden within Mal’s book is a sticker. This high quality doll has a heart of gold despite being born of evil. This elegant toy doll is sure to win the heart of even the pickiest girl. With a smug smile and beautiful purple hair, Mal Isle of the Lost is a wonderful addition to any doll collection.

The Struggle Between Good and Evil

Though Mal was born of evil she makes many attempts to do what is right making her more hero than villain. Your child will have hours of fun deciding ultimately which path Mal should take: the brave and magical heroine or a villain as dangerous and wicked as her mother, Maleficent. Whether your child desires to recreate memorable scenes from the movie or if she’s never seen the movie before, this doll is sure to please.


• Includes a locket for the child to wear.

• There are plenty of accessories to go with the doll: boots, earrings, and a collar.

• Hands are detachable making them super easy to clean.

• High quality clothing sets this doll apart from competing brands with similar products.


• The doll’s hair is stiff and nearly impossible to brush without pulling it out by the roots.

• Hand gloves are painted on and wear off easily through repeated play.

• Cheap packaging makes it difficult to remove the doll from the box without hurting your fingers.

• There is no stand included with the purchase.


Crafted by Hasbro, Mal is a high quality doll that is sure to be your child’s next favorite toy. Along with her best friend, Evie (sold separately), the villains make an excellent team in their quest to do what is right.

If your child is a fan of the Disney’s Descendants movie, this doll makes a wonderful gift. Mal stands just 11 inches tall and weighs 7 ounces. Though it’s designed for ages 3 and up, older girls ages 6-11 years will eagerly want to add this doll to their toy collections.