Hallmark itty bittys Limited Edition SUPERGIRL

I love surprising my twins from time to time with little toys to keep them entertained, but I have never before purchased one that has been such an instant success with them.

The Hallmark itty bittys Supergirl is beyond cute! My three year old twin girls absolutely love theirs – they each carry theirs around the house and absolutely refuse to leave the house without the dolls. They also insist on showing the dolls to anyone who will listen. The itty bitty Supergirl has quickly become their favorite toy.

itty-bitty-supergirl-3Originally, I had only bought one – ideally, for them to share – but they fought over it quite a lot and both loved the doll so much, that I decided I might as well buy one for each of them (I am really not sure that they can tell their dolls apart, but as long as they are both happy because they each have one in their arms, then I am happy too). The price is extremely reasonable as well, so it wasn’t an issue to buy a second one.

I had purchased them each a small toy as a fun surprise while we were out shopping one day, but the other toy that I purchased was quickly ignored by the girls as they both loved the Supergirl so much. Of course, I’m not privy to the inner workings of two three year old girls’ minds, so I have no idea why they favored this doll so much, but I am really pleased that they love their Supergirls as much as they do.

The fabric on the Supergirl is just so soft to the touch that I thought the girls would like the feel of it on their skin (I sure do!), and I like the idea that they would be playing with a woman who portrays power and ambition, rather than the typical sort of dolls that you tend to see advertised for young girls.

itty-bitty-supergirl-2Overall, I am really satisfied with this purchase for my girls. I think it portrays a positive message about femininity and girl power to them, and it is soft, cuddly, and adorable. I would be extremely interested in purchasing more stuffed toys from this collection since my girls have loved this one so much.

The itty bitty Supergirl is as the name suggests – quite small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I think it would make a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season. All in all, a great toy, and would highly recommend this stuffed animal to other families! I hope their children receive as much joy from the Hallmark itty bittys Supergirl as mine have.