Girl Scout Cookies Deluxe Oven

There’s nothing better than the wonderful flavor of girl scout cookies. While everyone has their favorite type of cookie, the best girl scout cookie is the one that can be made right at home. Children now have the opportunity to bake their own girl scout cookies by using the girl scout cookies deluxe oven.

I tried the girl scout cookies deluxe oven out with my daughter. This was her first time using a children’s oven. Here’s how we felt about it.


You can actually see the cookies as they’re baking. My daughter loved this. After mixing everything together to make some thin mints, she was ecstatic that she could view the cookies as they turned into an actual cookie. This made it easy for her to see what the end product was going to look like after she had put in all of the work of mixing ingredients.

girl_scout_cookies_oven-3The set-up is really easy. All that you have to do is plug it in, turn it on and add your batter. She’s 9 and was able to set it up without any problems on her own.

It comes with a cookie mix that’s easy to mix up. Ours was thin mint, my daughter’s favorite girl scout cookie, so having the mix added in there was a definite bonus. My daughter followed all of the instructions on her own and was able to make some delicious cookies.

The oven comes with all of the accessories that she needed. They were perfectly designed for her smaller hands. It comes with a spatula, baking pan, measuring tool and the mix. She felt like an actual baker using these accessories that fit perfect in her hands.

This oven actually bakes! We’ve used similar ovens in the past, but they normally just heat up whatever it is that you are trying to bake with a lightbulb. This oven actually gets hot enough to bake, up to 350 degrees. It also pre-heats like a regular oven in less than 5 minutes.


One thing that I noticed was that she had difficulty with the amount of water the ingredients told her to add. She had been mixing and kept noticing that it kept a powdery, or almost chunky, texture to the cookie. We ended up having to add more water to get the right consistency.

girl_scout_cookies_oven-2Another thing that came up was that she couldn’t use accessories from any other children’s oven. This particular oven can only use pans specifically designed for this oven, as the shape and size of the oven is a bit different than her older oven. I would’ve liked to have gotten more use out of the other pans and accessories, but this oven came with enough of its own that it wasn’t that big of a deal.


My daughter’s new favorite thing to do is bake girl scout cookies! When she gets home from school the first place she goes it to her little kitchen set up. All-in-all this is a fantastic little oven and I would recommend it to anybody whose child wants to learn how to bake but isn’t big enough to safely navigate an actual oven.