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  1. We have used our University courses in Child Psychology along with good research to create a 21 page report on How Kids Play. You can grab a free copy of that report below. It will explain the different ways that children of different ages play. By learning this you will get a feel for the ideal toys to be looking for. So go and grab that now using the form below.
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How Kids Play
The Secret Behind Choosing The Perfect Toy

Most toy review sites will tell you all about the toys, but not about the kids playing with them. If you do not know how kids play, how can you hope to get them a toy they will love? The perfect toy for a 2-3 year old is very different to the perfect toy for a 4-5 year old because they play differently. Grab this 21 page manual we put together for you so you can learn How Kids Play. Enter your name and best email address in the boxes below and we will email it to you right away.